Here's something weird. After some spotty pain now and again, last week I came down with a case of plantar fasciitis, which is caused by straining the ligament that supports your arch.

It comes from walking and not bicycling. Strangely, even though the affliction has me walking with a deep limp, I was able to bicycle pain-free.

Is there a message here? (No.)

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After last week's successful navigation of Delaware Avenue, at our starting point (Trophy Bikes at 712 N. 2nd Street) Ron Ashworth suggested we "do" Kelly Drive. Ashworth is a serious bicyclist who has been my coach, trainer and protector as I get up to speed for the May 7th Byko's Safe Bike Tour. It starts at 11 a.m., covers 11 miles and ends at McGillin's Olde Ale House. Details are here.

The event is a fundraiser for the People’s Emergency Center and the ride is supported by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. BCGP and I have had, umm, “differences” over the years, but we agree on this: Bicycles are vehicles and must follow the same laws as cars. That means stopping at red lights and stop signs, staying off the sidewalks and riding with the flow of traffic.

I’d like to see those who agree with me turn out, and those who disagree, too. You’ll be able to hector me as we ride. (I will be the Grand Marshal, but will not be in the lead position as that would slow everyone up.) If you can’t make it, make an online donation anyway.

The Byko’s Safe Bike Ride evolved out of a conversation among me, Ashworth, Alexandria Schneider and Randy LoBasso of BCGP. There are two aims, really: I want to demonstrate biking lawfully isn’t a big burden and they want me to see how much fun biking can be (and how dangerous it can be without protection for riders.)

On a sunny afternoon, Ashworth and I went south on 2nd to Spring Garden, turned west and used the narrow Spring Garden bike lane to get all the way to the Art Museum where we walked our bikes across the traffic and got on to the Kelly Drive bike trail (officially the Schuylkill River Trail, per the sign posts),

For the record, I have no objection to narrow bike lanes on wide streets that allow motor traffic two lanes. That would include Market, JFK, Delaware and others. I remain opposed to bike lanes on two-lane streets, such as Pine and Spruce because they gum up traffic, as any fool can see.

Ashworth and I cruised -- he cruised, I panted -- up Kelly Drive to the East Falls Bridge, crossed the bridge and came down West River/Martin Luther King Drive that was closed for “recreation.”

Truthfully, I saw a handful of walkers and a couple dozen bikers. Yeah, I know there’ll be heavier use as we get deeper into summer.

My goal with Ashworth was to do 10 miles, because the Byko’s Safe Bike Ride is 11 miles.

We did 13.22 miles according to Ashworth’s mobile device.

And the next morning the scale told me I had dropped two pounds.

I can’t complain about that.