This year's NCAA Tournament already has a cult hero after just one night of action.

Here's Junior Robinson, all 5-foot-5 of him, leading Mt. Saint Mary's over New Orleans in an opening round game Tuesday night in Dayton:

Robinson and the Mountaineers advanced to face No. 1 overall seed and reigning national champion Villanova on Thursday in Buffalo (7:10 p.m., CBS3).

The Wildcats will be favored, but after Robinson's heroics, lots of people (and I mean not just Temple and St. Joe's fans) will be rooting for him to put on another show.

Hey, if ever there's a time to dream, March is it. And Robinson has the jump in him, as you might have seen during the pregame show on truTV last night. If you didn't, the clip isn't online anywhere (at least not yet... ahem). But there is this highlight reel from YouTube that proves he can do it:

Robinson told that he's been able to dunk since he was a sophomore in high school.

"One day we were messing around after practice and threw [the ball] up, and I dunked it,"  I thought, 'Oh my goodness.' Everyone else was shocked. They kept me doing it over and over. I've got it down pat now."