Mob turncoat Ralph Natale, recently released from federal prison, is working on a memoir.
We hear the former boss, who is still under federal witness protection and lives within two hours of Philadelphia, has been looking for a writer to help him with the book. He's approached retired Daily News mob writer Kitty Caparella, and South Philly author and historian Celeste Morello.
Caparella says she has seen Natale's manuscript. "It's a great project. It's his take on the Philadelphia mob from the very beginning. He touches on stuff that hasn't been reported before such as how the mob spread to Atlantic City," says Caparella, who is too busy with art and other projects to write the book.
Morello, author of the three-part "Before Bruno" series on the Philly mob, said yesterday she "can't go forward with this guy. He's too emotional. I have a problem with his credibility."
Inquirer mob writer George Anastasia tells us he was approached a few years ago by Natale's wife, Lucy, to help write the book, but he wasn't interested either.
We were unable to reach the still-in-hiding Natale yesterday.