Barack Obama

's reference to his grandmother being a "typical white person," during an

, and doubted the story would have legs, but wondered "if

Hillary Clinton

referred to a 'typical black person, would we ever hear the end of it." Well

took off, being covered on

and traveling to dozens of other blogs before landing on Fox News Channel and MSNBC later in the day. Obama himself appeared on CNN with

Larry King

last night to


Peter Mucha

did a terrific job wrapping up the story and the controversy in

, but the best published report on our item was courtesy of


Jonathan Valania

says that "We like ourselves some

Dan Gross

. When we wanna know what anchorbabe is nailing which weatherman, or how much this or that C-list celeb tipped at Susanna Foo, we go to Dan Gross. But dude is WAY out of his element when attempts to tackle the double-hazard of race and presidential politics. His find-the-cheap-sensationalism-at-all-costs approach to journalism serves him well as a tabloid gossipteer, and that’s all well and good for SH-- THAT DOES NOT MATTER" ...All [Obama] asked, is that YOU be as honest about race as he is being. And Dan Gross responds with same old useless ‘gotcha journalism...Shame on you, Sir. Shame on you."