Gwyneth Paltrow was no fan of her late, Philadelphia-raised grandmother Katharine Danner. Paltrow used a four-letter word that rhymes with "hunt" to describe her maternal grandmother during an interview Tuesday on E!'s "Chelsea Lately."
"She tried to poison my mother against me, but it didn't work! Because I have a great mother," Paltrow said, complimenting her actress mom, Blythe Danner. "She [Paltrow's grandmother] must not have been very happy and must have had a lot of pain, because she was mean as hell," Paltrow said. Her grandmother died in 2006.
The late Katharine Danner, born Katharine Kile, was once married to violin maker William Moennig Jr., who took over his father's world-famous Rittenhouse Square violin shop that remained in the family for nearly 100 years until it closed last year.
Another granddaughter is actress Katherine Moennig, who starred on Showtime's "The L Word."
Reached last night, Katherine's mother, Mary Zahn, a former Broadway dancer, declined to comment on Paltrow's slur of her late mother-in-law, the mother of her late husband Bill Moennig 3rd.
Below is a video of Paltrow's interview with Chelsea Handler, the grandmother talk starts at 4:00....