It is Michael Young's contractual right to reject any trade proposal presented to him by the Phillies. Young earned that ability when he gained 10-5 rights with Texas and maintained it as part of a stipulation in last winter's trade to Philadelphia.

Young is 36 and felt marginalized in Texas, where he was a popular figure. He accepted the trade to the Phillies because they promised regular playing time at third base. That role will disappear with the promotion of prospect Cody Asche.

If a report by is true, that Young will accept a trade only to Texas, that severely limits the Phillies' chances at moving him. The Phillies do not expect to fetch a top prospect for Young. The best they can do is receive salary relief (Young is owed $2 million) and a marginal minor-league player.

So if Young is reluctant to go anywhere unfamiliar for two months, where does that leave him on this non-contending team? If the Phillies put Darin Ruf in left field, Young could play some first base while Ryan Howard remains sidelined from his knee surgery.

But once Domonic Brown returns, the team would have too many outfielders unless they cut ties with Delmon Young and shift Brown to right.

So Michael Young could be relegated to a bench role in the final two months of the season. That could force him to rethink his reported stance. If he wants to play, it may have to be elsewhere.

Part of Young's consideration could be his ailing young son, Antonio. He left the team for five days in June to be with his family. They are residents of Dallas.

"I don't know," Young said Sunday when asked if he would waive his no-trade clause. "The first thing I want to do is talk to the Phillies about that. Ruben has been very upfront with me since Day 1. The entire organization has. What I went through back in May, they stood by me the entire time. I certainly appreciate it. Any conversation that has to do with trades will be with them first."

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