Chase Utley's tenure came to a close late on Wednesday night when the Phillies officially announced that the longtime second baseman had been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Utley recently looked back on his career and listed the Top 10 moments from his career.

The list was published in this season's second issue of Phillies Magazine. Here it is in full:

10.5 -  October 3, 2007 - The Phillies first playoff game in 14 years

"We lost, but it was memorable because the atmosphere at Citizens Bank Park was off the charts. People like to say  'I couldn't hear myself think' but that's literally what it was like. t felt like that's when everything started to come together for us."

10 - June 14, 2014 - Jimmy Rollins set the franchise record for career hits

"That was such an accomplishment. I feel privileged that I was able to see the majority of [Jimmy's hits] firsthand. We all know what type of player he is, but he was also a good teammate and took me under his wing a little bit and made me a better player over the course of our time together. I couldn't have asked for a better guy to be my middle infield partner. His setting that record was special for me, too. It was not an easy accomplishment when you factor in that he plays such a demanding position. Year in and year out, he played such good defense at shortstop for us. You don't see that very often. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Jimmy.

9 - October 13, 2008 - Game 4 of the NLCS

"That's a game I will never forget. It was a back-and-forth seesaw battle from the first inning on. That was the year that everything seemed to fall in our favor. We had a lot of big hits in the right situations, the ball bounced the right way for us and we seemed to be getting calls that went our way. But Matt's home run off Broxton - who was pretty unhittable at the time - gave us a boost of confidence, for sure.

8 - June 27, 2012 - Utley's first game back after spending the start of the season on the DL

"That was my first game back from the second time I was on the DL for my knees. Usually, I do my best not to pay attention to the newspapers or any media articles that contain negativity. But just talking to people, I couldn't he but sense a lot of doubt in how they spoke to me about what I was going through. That home run validated to me that I was doing the right thing (to get my knees better). As for the standing ovation, the fans in Philly have always supported me…(laughing) ever since I struck out in my first at-bat. They've always been on my side. That standing ovation was surreal."

7a and 7 b - May 29, 2010 and October 6, 2010 - Roy Halladay's perfect game and his postseason no-hitter

"The game in Miami definitely stands out. I probably didn't even notice Roy had a perfect game until the seventh inning rolled around. The main thing I kept thinking was to make sure I was positioned properly on the field. I don't think there was any extra pressure, but I think players definitely pay more attention to detail in a situation like that. Late in the game - being Roy's teammate and knowing how hard he works and how much time he puts in away from the field to get prepared every day - you want to be your best for a guy like that. That was a cool feat he was able to accomplish. His no-hitter in the playoffs was pretty spectacular, too, especially because it was here at home in front of our fans. Again, it goes back to all the work he puts in and how prepared he is. You can't help but get inspired by watching Roy and seeing how he goes about his business.

6 - October 22, 2008 - Game 1 of the 2008 World Series

"Obviously, we were playing on the biggest stage in all of baseball and it was something we worked for all year long and we were able to get there. More than anything else, the amount of media and the attention makes it stick out in my head. Once the game got started, it's all the same as any other day, but leading up to the game there are...more things to do.

5 - May 11, 2006 - Aaron Rowand's catch and crash into the wall

"Aaron is one of the ultimate team players I've ever had the pleasure to play alongside of. He obviously sacrificed his body to make the catch and we ended up winning the game. It was a low-scoring game, so that was a huge play in the game. It wasn't a playoff game, it wasn't win or go home, but that didn't matter to him. Aaron and I are still close friends to this day and to see someone like that get hurt and put his body on the line for the sake of the team showed the type of person and player that he is."

4 - April 4, 2003 - Utley's major league debut

"It was a pinch-hit appearance off Jeff Suppan and we were down by, like, at least five runs and I struck out and got booed back to the dugout which made it a proper start to my Phillies career. I got sent down [to the minor leagues] two days later."

3 - October 29, 2008 - The Phillies win the 2008 World Series

"Game 5, part two, was exciting from the first batter. When Geoff Jenkins led off with a double and got into scoring position, the crowd was going crazy. There was a lot of excitement in the air to play three innings of baseball. I remember it was cold but the fans were our 10th man out there. We definitely needed them to be successful and they were there for us. It all worked out."

2 - April 24, 2003 - Utley hits a grand slam to record his first hit

"You know what I remember most about that day? My first hit was a grand slam and the fans didn't boo me (laughing)"

1 - Sept. 30, 2007 - The Phillies win the 2007 National League East

"The crowd was going crazy that day even before we took the field. I remember watching the scoreboard during warm-ups because the Mets had to lose [for us to clinch] and the Marlins scored seven runs against them in the first inning. It was nuts. Jimmy got his 20th triple of the year, which was something everyone wanted to see him get. And then in the ninth inning, Brett Myers was pitching and Wily Mo Pena was the hitter and the next thing I knew we were going to the playoffs. I remember in that ninth inning, though, playing second base and trying to take it all in and how loud the fans were and how excited they were. We were excited to finally accomplish something we had set out to do for a number of years. The chips had to fall in our favor up to that point and they did. That is something that I will definitely never forget. It was very cool."