OK, I'll bite. As you may or may not have heard, Fox 29's Howard Eskin reported tonight that the Phillies are involved in serious negotiations with the Toronto Blue Jays on a deal that would send star slugger Jose Bautista to Philadelphia.

Sounds great, right?

Well, according to Eskin, the deal would involve the Phillies sending 26-year-old slugger Domonic Brown to the Blue Jays.

There's a lot to process, and as of right now it is still only being reported by one outlet, and it isn't being reported as a done deal, so we'll hold off on the in-depth stuff until we have some time to, well, get some in-depth stuff to write.

For now, I'll say this: While Jose Bautista is obviously a better player than Domonic Brown right now, keep in mind that the Phillies wouldn't just be trading away Domonic Brown, but they'd be trading away everything else that Domonic Brown could possibly be traded for. And for a team that is a lot more than one player away from serious championship contention, that's a significant fact to consider.

OK, I'll say one more thing: The irony in all of this, assuming it is accurate, is that the Phillies might have been able to get half of Bautista's 2010 season and all of his dynamite 2011 had they offered Domonic Brown for him at the trade deadline in 2010. Bautista's name was floated back then as a potential trade candidate, with the caveat that the Blue Jays were asking for a king's ransom.

So, that's my piece for now.