As you may be aware, Brett Myers made his rehab debut today in Clearwater, where he allowed two hits and struck out two batters while pitching the fourth inning of a continuation of a rain-delayed game.

All three strikeouts were looking.

Myers is expected to re-join the team at some point in September, when he will attempt to help the Phillies as a reliever.


The last time the Phillies and Mets faced each other with one team holding a double-digit lead in the standings over the other was Aug. 25, 2006. Coincidentally, the Phillies trailed the Mets by 13.5 games, the same margin they currently lead their rival to the North.

Here's Charlie Manuel on the match-up:

"I want our guys to be aware of one thing, the biggest thing is the Mets can still score runs," Manuel said. "And on some nights, if you look up there, they put up five, six, seven, eight, nine runs. They are defintiely capable of beating you. Santana can beat anybody. It's not like they are not capable of beating you. They can do that. . .You've got to still take it to them. You don't take nobody lightly in this game. I know our players know what we have to do.
"As far as our division goes, I think we're the best team in our division, and if we can't do it, that's our fault. Because I think we definitely have the talent and now we have the starting pitching, and if we get our bullpen straightened out a little bit, let me tell you something, we should be able to not only win our division but go deep in the playoffs."