In case you haven't gotten over the loss of the Lingerie Football league, maybe this will cheer you up. The Philadelphia Diamonds will be a team in the upcoming Bikini Basketball Association. Yeah, it's a thing.

The league, dubbing itself the BBA, starts this summer on June 1, 2013. Here is the description from the web site:

The Bikini Basketball Association (BBA) is an exciting new innovative women's sports association. The BBA is a United States based women's basketball association for beautiful athletic women. The association will begin play this summer on June 1, 2013. There are six teams in the BBA, the Atlanta Peaches, Miami Spice, Orlando Lady Cats, Minnesota Mist, Illinois Heart, and Philadelphia Diamonds. Women were selected based on athleticism, personality, as well as beauty. The combination of these traits will help the BBA athletes stand out in their respective communities. Each team will feature between 14 to 21 talented female athletes on their rosters. Prepare for one of the sexiest and most exciting new associations to "TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM", get ready for the Bikini Basketball Association (BBA).

The team even has a Twitter account and a Facebook page.

And if that doesn't get you excited, watch the tryout videos for the Miami Spice below.