After setting the NBA's worst single-season win record at just nine wins, the 5-37 Philadelphia 76ers have allowed themselves to become a national joke under the leadership of Sam Hinkie and his strategy of tanking.

Back in November, while the team was still winless, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon and his Philly house band the Roots took shots at the team with a series of "The Sixers are so bad" jokes:

Fallon's ribbing of the Sixers actually goes back to 2014, when the team lost their 26th straight game, tying an NBA record:

Last night, "The Simpsons" got in on the act and offered this quick hit against a team that's allowed itself to become a national punch line:

To make matters worse, the joke wasn't even initially going to be at the Sixers' expense, according to "Simpsons" writer Michael Price:

It's not the first time a Philly team found themselves mentioned on "The Simpsons." During the show's "Treehouse of Horror IV" episode, the starting line of the 1976 Flyers were part of the Devil Flanders' hand-picked Jury of the Damned (and were the only jury members who frightened the Simpsons):