There has been a lot of buzz about Ilya Bryzgalov's new Star Wars themed goalie mask since it was first revealed, and the Flyers have even managed to climb above the .500 mark for the first time all season since he started wearing it on the ice.

The initial feedback to the facemask was positive, as Flyers fans liked the look and found it fitting for Bryzgalov.

However, not everyone was completely satisfied with the recreation of the classic characters, as a representative from Lucasfilm Ltd., Star Wars' parent company, reached out to the Flyers to have an incorrect aspect of the color scheme corrected.

The mask, painted by Franny Drummond, initially depicted Yoda wielding a red light saber, which is a sign of the evil Sith Lords. In the films, however, Yoda used a green light saber, as Star Wars fanatics were quick to point out.

Thus, the people at Lucasfilm wanted the mask altered to accurately reflect the film.

So, after Wednesday night's win over Washington in which the original mask was worn, some adjustments were made to better reflect the correct color scheme from the movies.

"Yoda's Light saber was actually an orange-ish color before we changed it," Drummond explained to the 700 Level. "We were going for a hint of the Flyers' colors in Yoda as well. There were no bad intentions. It was just a matching thing."

Bryzgalov's updated mask, now showing Yoda holding the correct green light saber, was ready for Saturday afternoon's showdown with the Senators. Bryz was solid in his updated equipment, allowing only one goal, pleasing Star Wars and Flyers fans alike.