Republican gubernatorial candidate Christopher J. Christie started his radio advertising campaign today with a 60-second biography spot highlighting his career as a former U.S. Attorney.

Christie also touts himself as a candidate “with a conservative plan to defend the middle class” a pitch to GOP primary voters, who tend to be more conservative than general election voters.
Bill Stepien, his campaign manager, said the campaign purchased ads on talk radio stations running from New York to Philadelphia but declined to say how much air time the campaign booked.
Steve Lonegan, the other major candidate in the June 2 Republican primary, has been running radio ads since the end of January with a variety of messages, mostly appealing to conservative Republican voters.
Both have been spending much of their time in the early days of the campaign raising money.
Christie has just about lapped Lonegan with $1.6 million to Lonegan’s $873,000 in campaign funds disbursed by the state Election Law Enforcement Commission which gives a two-to-one match of candidates’ fund raising .

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