Main Line teens with artistic flair have another option to add to the list of summer activities: The Main Line Art Center's summer program, Teen Studios.

For artists ages 13-18, the Art Center's Teen Studios gives participants the opportunity to participate in one-week and nine-day studios Monday through Friday for an in-depth study of a art medium of their choosing.

"I learned more at the Main Line Art Center than I did with nine years of school art classes," Jenni Bennett said in a news release. "They helped me grow as an artist, plus the classes are tons of fun, and I met some really cool people there over the years."

Bennett, 16, took the Art Center's Summer Art Camp for several years before moving up to Teen Studios, where she dabbled in jewelry, ceramics, drawing and painting. Her experience in Teen Studio Photography inspired Bennett to build a darkroom in her basement.

In addition to photography, jewelry and metalwork, ceramics, drawing and painting, Teen Studios offers artists the chance to study fashion design, illustration, acrylic, mixed media, glassblowing and portfolio preparation, using high-quality materials and art tools with professional artists.

Studios are held in the mornings, afternoons and evenings "so teens can find time to schedule art into their schedules," according to the release.

The Art Center also offers week-long, half-day and full-day Summer Art Camp for budding artists ages 4-13, and also offers a special Pre-Teen Studios for select sessions for artists ages 11-13. Modeled after Teen Studios, Pre-Teen Studios offer intensive sessions in the morning and/or afternoon.

Participants can also join the Art Center's award-winning camp and experience a variety of 2- and 3-D media.

Adults aren't left out of the mix either – the Art Center offers many adult classes in the evenings and on the weekends.

For more information about the summer programs, or to register before they fill up, call 610-525-0272 or check out the Art Center's website.