If you smell something in the hallways of McClure and it makes you hungry, it must be Wednesday! This week our culinary masters took on Curried Chicken with cauliflower, apricots, and olives. They also mastered Strawberry Shortcake for dessert! Ms. Terri Farruggia got us started with ingredient reading and translating our recipe steps into simple terms. Biendibel Ventura explained what marinade meant to everyone, and led Danielis Urena and Jailyn Rosado to create a savory curry marinade.  Tegen Terry, Jeffrey Saldivar and Rachel Soto sliced and chopped our cauliflower, dried apricots and olives. They sprinkled the cauliflower with oil and spread it all out on the baking pan. Once the marinade set, our chicken went on top of the baking pan and into the oven it went. 

Everyone had a hand in making the shortcake and strawberries. As we worked,the kitchen filled with the smell of curry! We were getting hungry.  

We talked about our menu for our guests next week. We needed to figure how to feed many people with just the pots and pans we had. We decided on salad, strawberry shortcakes and.... you'll have to read next week to find out!   

- Terri Farruggia, Christina Plover