Andy Reid addressed questions from the media Sunday night, announcing that Donovan McNabb had been traded to the Redskins.

He seemed serious, a bit worn down, like a guy who had just made a very difficult decision.

A different Reid went through the radio circuit on Tuesday. While much of what he said was what we heard on Sunday, there were a few new interesting nuggets.

Let's start with the spot he did with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic. Reid was asked if McNabb had been treated unfairly by the fans of Philadelphia, which seems to be the consensus nationally.

"Not at all," Reid said. "Listen, there was a group of guys that went up there and booed him when he got drafted. That's not Philadelphia, man. That's a group of knuckleheads who went up there and did that. That's not the city of Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia embraced Donovan McNabb, and he had a phenomenal career here."

Another highlight of the interview was Missanelli making a Jimmy Chitwood reference that went completely over Reid's head as the two discussed the NCAA title game.

Reid also joined Howard Eskin and Ike Reese on WIP. He was asked if there was any kind of rift or disagreement between him, Howie Roseman and Joe Banner.

"There was absolutely no debate, and there was never a point where we weren't on the same page here," Reid said. "This was what we all felt was right for the Philadelphia Eagles, and what would work for Donovan."

Paul Domowitch over at Eagletarian wrote more about this earlier today.

And finally, the timing of the deal. Did the Eagles orchestrate this in such a way to steal attention from the Phillies, who opened their season earlier today?

Absurd, said Reid.

"With these deals, they've taken time to bring 'em to a head, and then there's an opportune time where you gotta step on it," he said. "And you gotta make that decision or it's over. I mean they're in, and then they fly by and it's over. And so you've gotta have a little feel for when that time is. It just happened that it was on Easter Sunday. It just happened that it was before the Opening Day for the Phillies and Tiger Woods' situation, press conference, the night of the NCAA basketball finals. It just happened that that was the case. I would like to tell you I'm good enough to where I could plan it that way. That's not how this thing works."

Earlier I presented my thoughts on the five questions/hot topics surrounding the McNabb-to-Kolb transition. Plus there was a post looking at the new No. 5 McNabb Redskins jersey.

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