Flyers President Peter A. Luukko also serves as chief operating officer of Comcast-Spectacor, a business that generates $4 billion in sales. He also plays hockey many mornings a week with his co-workers. (Not the Flyers!) He's been a coach and his children also play hockey.

In my Leadership Agenda interview, I asked him what lessons from sports apply to business. Of course he mentioned teamwork, the aggressive pursuit of a common goal and the importance of locker-room camaraderie in a business setting. But it was another point he made that really struck me:

"The thing you learn most in sports, frankly, is team work and how to lose," he said. "Winning's easy. When you win, you know, it's fun, everybody's getting credit. It's easy.When you lose, you have that terrible feeling in your stomach that you can't describe.

"If you are a good player or a good manager or a good employee, you've got to shake it off,  learn from your mistakes and then get up the next day  and play again, because you've got to try to win again. I think that learning to lose is a great skill. You've got to hate it, learn from it and move on."

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