Who was that stalker who showed up on stage at the Wilco show at Frawley Stadium in Wilmington - or "Wilcoton," as Jeff Tweedy called it - on Friday night? Why, it was Mr. Celery, of course. He's one of the Wilimington Blue Rocks three mascots, along with Rocky Bluewinkle and Rubble. And what does celery have to do with Single A baseball, you might ask? Good question. Here's an interview from Deadspin where the man explains himself. Meanwhile, here's a Wilco review, and a set list.

Wilco (The Song)/Muzzle of Bees/A Shot In The Arm/Bull Black Nova/You Are My Face/One Wing/I Am Trying To Break Your Heart/Handshake Drugs/Impossible Germany/Jesus, etc./Sonny Feeling/Can't Stand It/Hate It Here 14. You Never Know 15. Walken 16. I'm The Man Who Loves You 17. Hummingbird

First Encore: Misunderstood /Spiders (Kidsmoke) Second Encore: Box Full Of Letters/Heavy Metal Drummer/I'm Always In Love/Hoodoo Voodoo.

In my review, I accuse Jeff Tweedy of sometime being inarticulate, or vague, or inscrutable in his lyrics, using the example of the phroase "cold as gasoline" from the song "Solitaire" on Wilco (The Album). Reader Darko Orsic set me straight. He writes:

I got what he meant (or at least I think I did) because that phrase,
"cold as gasoline" ("hladno ko benzin') is used often enough in my
native Croatia, where sadness is a close neighbor of happiness. It's a
Croatian expression as well, describing the feeling where your
experience of a situation is in direct opposition to the reaction that
situation usually calls for. As an example, your child is born, you're
depressed at the event. Your wife looks at you and says , "You're cold
as gasoline."

Thanks, Darko.

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