Are motorcycle riders more conservative than other Americans? Most state governors who ride Harleys and the "overwhelming majority" of the Congressional Bikers' Caucus are Republicans, though some are Democrats, writes Politico here.

Maybe that helps explain: Motorcycle-gear investor JW Childs, the Boston-based investment group founded by Ivy League-trained ex-insurance financier John W. Childs, which in February committed they-wont-tell-us-how-many-millions to finance expansion of Philadelphia online motorcycle gear sales company RevZilla alongside Childs' California-based biker-gear store chain Cycle Gear, is an enthusiastic donor to conservative politicians.

Childs employees have given more than $12 milllion to Republican national candidates since 1996, including $250,000 to Presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, last year (and very little to that other party), reports the Center for Responsive Politics ( The firm's other brands include Sleepys matresses; former properties include Bass Pro shops and Sunny Delight sweet drinks.

Fast-growing RevZilla, named the region's "Top Workplace" among midsize companies in an employee survey by Exton's Workplace Dynamics, employs 200 at its store, warehouse and tech center at the old Navy Yard.

I asked RevZilla if Harley owners are Republicans, or low-end bike owners were any more likely to be Democrats, and got this written reply from CEO Anthony Bucci: "RevZilla's business goals are not driven by personal politics." And, by the way, "the founders are apolitical."

At least until their profits are pumped up to Boston so their new owners can invest a cut in the politicians of their choice. Vrooom!