President Trump has rolled back federal guidelines authorizing transgender students to use public school facilities, such as rest rooms, that correspond to their identities rather than their birth bodies.

No word yet on whether a federal potty police patrol will be deployed in Trump's latest battle to "Make America Great Again" by targeting unpopular populations.

The president has made solicitous remarks about marriage equality. He also has invited supporter and transgender celebrity Caitlin Jenner to use whatever rest room she wishes at Trump Tower.

But having chosen prominent enemies of LGBT rights as his vice president and attorney general, and apparently feeling obliged to serve up some red meat, Trump selected trans kids from the fright wing's wish-list of homophobic initiatives.

About 150,000 Americans between the ages of 13 and 17 are transgender, according to the Williams Institute of the UCLA School of Law. The institute also reports that an overwhelming majority of "out" trans students surveyed in 2015 reported being harassed, sometimes violently, in school.

Apparently these children – rather than the bullies who victimize them – pose a threat to our way of life.

A threat so extraordinary that our busy president had to extricate himself from a demanding schedule of tweeting, feuding with the media, and half-heartedly condemning anti-Semitism in order to essentially render a vulnerable minority even more vulnerable.

The guidelines issued last year by the U.S. Justice and Education Departments sparked several red-statehouse rebellions, some featuring the sort of fearmongering about mass trauma and societal collapse made famous by earlier generations of anti-LGBT crusaders.

Apparently, the Trump administration finds lurid fantasies about locker rooms full of junior predators far more persuasive than the needs of transgender children to get a hall pass from a teacher, use a school restroom in peace, and return to class.