Who is RiShawn Biddle?

That's just what the Nutter Administration may be asking itself after reading this article that Biddle penned in the latest issue of the conservative news magazine the American Spectator.

As you may guess, it's not exactly pro-Philly - or pro-Nutter.

Some excerpts:

"The bludgeoning of Nutter's own neighbor, Robert Lancaster, in his home earlier this month, and reports of a possible serial killer strangling three women (one of whom survived) were reminders that that Cheesesteak city's streets remain as bloody as ever."

"Meanwhile Nutter isn't winning any battles anywhere. His decision to enact a 10 percent property tax increase (among the many tax hikes he has pushed through during his tenure) hasn't done him any favors. He has managed to revamp some of the city's operations -- but without much help from the corrupt city council, with whom he is sparring. He is also fighting with his scandals-plagued predecessor, John Street, who maintains a strong (and inexplicable) influence on local politics."

It's hard to imagine the mayor happy with these written words - given, for instance, that it was Council that proposed the 9.9 percent tax increase after rejecting Nutter's proposal to tax sugar-sweetened beverages.

Also, while Street's influence on local politics may be inexplicable to some, just how strong it is is debatable.

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