Hours after Sen. Bernie Sanders said on MSNBC that he would vote for his Democratic presidential candidate rival Hillary Clinton in November, some of his supporters begged him to not to concede.

Black Men for Bernie founder Bruce Carter read an open letter to Sanders Friday from a campaign office tucked in the back of a barbershop in North Philadelphia. He was joined by other local Sanders supporters.

"No true revolution can entertain conceding because to concede is to admit that something is true or valid after first denying or resisting it," Carter said. "We stand with you by the millions and for that reason, we the people come to you asking and requesting that you stand strong and never concede nor endorse a system that is filled with corruption, greed and back door deals."

Carter later said that until Sanders officially says he is not running for president anymore, he will hold out hope that Sanders could be on the ballot in November.

During the MSNBC interview, Sanders said he will continue running despite the odds against him because he wants to continue building a platform.

Carter and a group of 10 are touring the country in eight Black Men for Bernie vans recruiting people to get involved in the political process. Black Men for Bernie is focusing on getting young African American men ages 17 to 27 registered to vote and active in politics. Carter hopes to get 20 million new voters registered before the November election.

"Regardless if what happens, this is still a revolution," Carter said.

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