A new Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday says state voters, by a wide margin, still believe Gov. Corbett  didn't do enough in the investigation of the Jerry Sandusky child-sex scandal when Corbett was state attorney general.

The poll also suggests the issue will dog the guv into next year as he faces reelection.

By a margin of better than two-to-one (58-23), the survey of more than 1,000 registered voters says Corbett fell short as AG. The findings are essentially the same among Republicans, Democrats, Independents, men, women, across education and income levels and whether voters are Penn State fans or not.

In addition, nearly half the electorate (47 percent) say the Penn State issue will be "very important" or "somewhat important" to them when casting their vote for governor next year.

"Pennsylvanians think Gov. Corbett fumbled the Sandusky probe," said poll assistant director Tim Malloy.

About the only good news for Corbett -- and it relies largely on a favorable resolution to the governor's efforts to overturn NCAA sanctions against PSU, an issue pending before the courts -- is that nearly half those polled (46 percent) believe the sanctions "too severe," a number only slightly down from January when 53 percent said the same.

The poll also found other "very important" issues driving the 2014 election are: jobs (77 percent), government spending (74 percent), schools (72 percent) and taxes (68 percent).

These are issues that can cut both ways for Corbett. Right now, he's tagged for low rankings in job growth but has kept government spending down. Right now, he's cast as hurting schools but has not raised taxes.

Lots can happen between now and next November. Heck, lots can happen in the next few weeks as Corbett and the Legislature wrestle with liquor privatization, transportation funding, pension reform and a new state budget.

But this poll demonstrates that the Sandusky thing continues to have staying power -- in ways that can't help Corbett stay in power.