This week's episode was a cute one.  As we turn the corner heading for Season three's finish; the tension is building.  We all know what's going to happen.  The question is will Team Flash be able to alter the present to stop the tragedy looming over Iris' horizon?  Last week revealed that Savitar is a future version of Barry.  Which left me with more than a few quandaries.  This week they explain it, more or less.  Savitar comes from the future to terrorize and raze Team Flash.

The future Flash creates time remnants of himself to help fight Savitar, but to no avail because Savitar kills them all, save one.  That one, then gets ostracized by the team because he's not the "real Flash".  Turned away and distraught; Give him some years to brew on that rejection and resentment, then BOOM.  He goes crazy, next thing you know you have a speedster with a God complex.  Because everybody loves a god.  It really sounds like Savitar Barry really just wants to be loved. And worshipped.  Is that really asking too much?

But in an attempt to free present Barry from under the thumb of Savitar, things go less than ideally.  Cisco cooks up the idea of creating a way for Barry to stop Barry from making memories because as soon as he creates them they are immediately accessible to Savitar.  Stop Barry from being able to convert his current experiences to long term memory and you stop Savitar's advantage.  But all Cisco manages to wipe is all of Barry's memory.  Which simultaneously rids Savitar of his memories as well.

As Kaitlyn is the brain expert, she's the only one who can reconnect Barry's memories and make him whole again.  She does this, but in Savitar's best interest, not Barry's.  Then she leaves the team again albeit regretfully this time.  So maybe her heart isn't frozen solid.  Not quite yet anyway.