This week Gorillacity strikes back in part two of the Gorilla City two night event.  Grodd says hello by sending Gypsy to kill the Flash crew.  Luckily Harry was still around to put her down quickly.  When asked the last thing she remembers, she says she was hunting down a fugitive in a jungle on Earth 2.  Barry and Cisco quickly deduce that she was being mind controlled by Grodd.  Not only that but by a Grodd present here on Earth 1.  Because his powers won't work inter-dimensionally.  All of a sudden that victory from last week seems all the more hollow.

Aware the attack on them was not her fault they had no reason to hold her.  So she's free to go, but not before they ask her to help them with Grodd.  She says as nicely as possible, "That's your problem," and skips out.  It's at this point when Barry wonders if his efforts are in vain.  Since he was unable to prevent the attack; He wonders if he'll be able to save Iris who promptly reminds him, that our only option is to try.  Barry looks down a dark path and considers killing Grodd.  It would be a permanent solution to a recurring problem.  But we all know that's not in him.  Well we can't say that. Because as far as I'm concerned he has (killed) already.  If not, you tell me what happened to Atom Smasher, Season 2. episode 1.  Harry reminds Barry though, there's always another way.

We see Vibe take a trip to Earth 19 to make a final plea of Gypsy; to enlist her services.  She's still not willing to fight.  But this time Cisco is successful in talking her into helping.  Which I'm not definite they needed.  But I'm sure Cisco would rather attempt Barry's plan with her than without her.   Cisco asks her to help him recover something - something that will be the key to defeating the invading Gorillas.  And around about the time we see that speedsters are no match for Gorilla warfare Gypsy & Vibe arrive with their secret weapon.  It's the recently deposed Solivar, armored and ready to challenge Grodd to get his throne back.  Solivar quickly regains leadership, and might I say, thoroughly thumps Grodd.  But when he is ready to land the finishing blow Barry speaks up and asks Solivar to spare Grodd's life suggesting he be left behind on Earth 1 instead.  Guess Barry figures he can keep a better eye on Grodd with him back on home turf.

I'm glad I got to see Harry interact with HR.  I often find myself wondering what Harry would think of HR.  It's clear HR does not live up to Harry's expectations which is understandable when one's a genius and the other is a coffee sipping, drumstick twirling, hippy, at best.  Jessie Quick tells her Dad she'd like to move to Earth 1 and he appears to be calmly OK with it until we see him tell Wally he's dying in hopes of changing his mind about the move.

My favorite moment came at the end of the episode.  If ever 10 seconds were worthy of clutching pearls, these are them.  Jessie asks Wally to run to Big Belly Burger.  But when he gets there, he sees Savitar emerge from the Speedforce and make a beeline directly towards him.  Then we cut to black.  I'm lucky I have a strong heart.  Because that was definitely an attack on it.

Until next week, Wally will be in our thoughts and we'll pray he's ok.  Savatar will kill him in a heartbeat and Wally would have never even seen it coming.  I hope he makes it.  He could be gone already.  But I think that would be such a disservice.  He will make it.  Next week will NOT see the end of Kid Flash!  You'll see.  So say we all!