Welcome back.  Who you gonna call, Earth 1, when The Flash can't get the job done?  Vibe!

Who's the cat that won't cop out, when there's collectors all about?  VIBE!  Can you dig it?

They say that cat Vibe, is a baaad mother- "Shut yo mouth"  I'm just talking bout Vibe.  And we can dig it!

OMG!  This episode was great!  First and foremost my man Cisco leveled up. And I mean like no other.  Barry has never even leveled up like this in one episode before.  With the possible exception of when he created his ghost remnant to defeat Zoom and save the Multiverse.   But that took the whole season to reach.  From semi-casual Meta-human power user to fighting to the death.  That takes balls.  And Cisco did not hesitate, surprising.  Especially when everyone fully expected Barry to be the one to offer to fight for Wells' life.  But no Mr. Ramon steps up.  Because "that's what we do around here."  Referring to investing in people.  Now all he need do is wait and allow HR to return the favor one day.  Can't wait for that either.

The next best thing was Julius, "day one". Or as I like to think of it, training day.  I can't decide if Julius is a pessimist or a d*ck.  He may not be fully aware himself either.  But regardless, I love how he's shaking up the lab.  He's not intentionally mean, he's just brutally honest.  A gift and a curse you can be sure.  (Take it from me)  Probably more of the latter.  He doesn't mean to be insulting. But it has been a while since he's been on a team.  He more likely just lacks social skills all around.

I love that Iris is seeking a legacy to leave behind.  Just in case.  Nothing like impending death to motivate the career goals.  I even liked her reckless mouthing off while being held at gunpoint.  Even if it was incredibly stupid.  Maybe she believes in Kid Flash's abilities that much or maybe she thinks she's invincible until that pending fateful night with Savitar. But if the future can be changed - which is what they're in the process of trying to do - then does she not realize she could still go any day any way?  That fourth dimensional thinking still eluding us, huh?

Finally, props to Cisco for the shameless attempts to woo Gypsy while defending his friend's honor. I mean I applaud him for his conflict resolution alternative suggestions, atta-boy!  Way to multi-task.  Vibe's victory over Gypsy hopefully gives his confidence the boost it seems to constantly need.  (At least where his powers are concerned.)  Not only did he hold his own.  He defeated the best Earth 19 had to offer.  What's most exciting about this from my perspective is the possibility that now the team isn't limited by what Earths they can travel to.  Cisco, if he keeps at it, he could go to Earth 2 for breakfast,  make lunch plans on Earth 38 and finish off with dinner, possibly with a certain Gypsy, on Earth 19.  Being proficient in inter-dimensional travel really opens the doors for any given episode.  Intriguing.

Overall the formula that equals a flash episode has been getting pretty obvious.  Flash takes down a minor villain. Someone gets upset about something.  That person gets a talking to. B story.  Another monologue, this time either to or from Barry.  Deal with the main villain.  Then lastly set up next weeks episode.  I'm not saying it doesn't work.  I'm just saying you've got to give me more.  Break up that monotony.  BTW, the twist of changing the future this time around, instead of the past, is anything but. However, tonight we saw them call themselves out blatantly.  On their standard issue monologues.  On Iris' lack of a life outside the team. It was pretty refreshing.  Now let's hope the thoughtful reflection is followed by a meaningful change in repetitive habits.