No, this isn't a recipe or something you smoke. It's a partial list of the materials that floral designer Jamie Rothstein used in her "bouquet of the day" at the Macy's Flower Show, going on now through Sunday at the Market Street store.

Jamie, who's been missing from the Philadelphia Flower Show for the past two years, created an unusual "bouquet" of blue paper poppies on tropical monstera stems, ringed by blue hydrangeas, set in a container that has dried peas (yellow and green) and pink lentils, my personal favorite in the lentil kingdom, glued to it. A beautiful mix of flowers rounds out the design - sweet peas that are oh-so-sweet, thick roses, gloriosa lilies, tiny calla lilies, hyacinths.

Looks like something you'd see... in a Jamie Rothstein exhibit the Philadelphia Flower Show.