Visited Mary Seton Corboy and her pals as they prepared to open Greensgrow West this coming Thursday. (Story same day in the Inquirer's Food section). It was freezing, or so it felt. (Little did we know the weather would get worse over the weekend.) Greensgrow in Kensington has been wildly successful, and Mary says the folks in West Philly kept asking her to expand there. She's at 49th and Baltimore, site of a club that burned down in December, 2012. Greensgrow West will be on that vacant lot for two years. After that, Mary hopes to establish a permanent presence somewhere in West Philly. So if you have an acre or so to spare, give a holler! This site won't be a farm, but it'll have pretty much everything the Kensington Greensgrow has - a CSA, farm market, pots, classes, and lots of plants, both edible and ornamental.