I sure do! and I'm glad he's still there in the grand court of Macy's. It was fun to visit this morning.

Burke Brothers has been doing the Macy's flower show for six years now. It's worth a visit - won't take long - because we deserve a little color, scent and design in our drab little lives, don't we? I am getting emails and texts from people with photos of their snowdrops, dwarf iris and crocuses in bloom. There's desperation out there!

So make yourself feel better. Grab your umbrella and steel-tipped boots, ice scraper and snow shovel, and come on down to Macy's to celebrate spring. You'll be excited to see roses and cyclamen, hydrangeas and cherry blossoms, tulips, rununculus, the sweetest little sweet peas and more. It all feels - and smells - really good.