WARNING: If you become squeamish or nauseus at the sight of blood, this blog post and photo might not be for you.

Flyers prospect Eric Wellwood is recovering in a Connecticut hospital after a scary incident in a game Sunday required emergency surgery to repair a skate cut which resulted in serious blood loss.

He is slated to undergo surgery again on Monday morning in Bridgeport, Conn., where the Phantoms played a game.

According to reports, Wellwood fell into the boards awkwardly on the penalty kill and caught the back of his right leg with his left skate. There was immediately a trail of blood on the ice, with Wellwood gliding to the bench with the assistance of a trainer while the puck was still in play.

In addition to vascular damage, Wellwood severed a tendon in his leg, which reportedly could be seen clearly. He may have also cut an artery in his calf.

"I don't think anyone really saw it," coach Terry Murray told the Glens Falls (N.Y.) Post-Star. "It was away from the play. Everyone figures that it was an accident that happened to himself. The play was already in the offensive zone and this happened in the neutral zone, so we're not sure exactly what took place."

It is unclear if Wellwood was wearing any extra protection in his socks, such as Kevlar-reinforced "cut-proof" socks, which do rise to the calf to prevent similar injuries. Kevlar socks were a big topic in the Flyers' locker room just days after Ottawa's Erik Karlsson suffered a season-ending Achilles tendon tear.

Wellwood, 23, has played 31 games for the Flyers over the past three seasons. 

Phantoms defenseman Danny Syvret sent well wishes and also included this gruesome photo: