The folks at Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey are going all-in when it comes to the whiskey barrel aging trend, supplying used casks to area businesses to come up with some unique, barrel-aged goods of their own, according to a release.

The Bristol company's whiskey barrels are already used for a number of culinary offerings, including a barrel-aged maple syrup from Grinarmls Maple Syrup Company in Somerset, Penn (as well as a subsequent maple-aged rye). Now, though, head honchos John Cooper and Herman Mihalich want area business to come up with their own whiskey-infused ideas.

As a result, Dad's Hat will be supplying barrels to area businesses, bars, and restaurants to pursue those booze-soaked ideas. Those interested can contact Dad's Hat at 215-781-8300 or at

Homebrewers and hobbyists, meanwhile, can purchase used 15-gallon Dad's Hat casks from Keystone Homebrew for $125 each. Barrels are also available at the distillery during weekend tour hours.

In addition to the Grinarmls maple syrup, Dad's Hat has supplied barrels to companies to produce whiskey-laden pepper sauces, vinegars, honey, and, at Newtown Square's Burlap and Bean, coffee beans. Most recently, the company worked with Scotland's Harris Distillery for a whiskey barrel-aged scotch.

"To our knowledge, this will be the first Single Malt Scotch Whiskey aged in American Rye Whiskey barrels," Cooper said of that partnership, which had Dad's Hat shopping 53-gallon casks to Scotland. "We'll be excited to taste that rye whiskey barrel-aged scotch once it's ready."

Stateside, however, it's up to some more local businesses to find their own unique combos.