Retired Philadelphia FBI agent Joseph Del Campo is going to be a contestant on the new season of "Survivor," starting Feb. 17 on CBS. This spring's season, the 32nd, will take place on Kaoh Rong, Cambodia's second largest island.

Del Campo, a 72-year-old with the body of one of those old Charles Atlas ads, will be in the Brains tribe.

He says the three words that describe him are "tenacious, daring and vigilant" which are good characteristics for a "Survivor" and a 25-year veteran of the FBI.

Del Campo told CBS he decided to try out for "Survivor" because, "At my age, I have the mental and physical fortitude to successfully compete for 39 days in whatever challenges I face, in addition to establishing and maintaining successful interpersonal connections with other tribal members."

That, and: "It's all about the adventure, going to faraway exotic places and living in the mud."

Del Campo hails from Philly but now runs a private investigation company in Florida. He lives in Vero Beach.

In a tweet Wednesday, he gave a shoutout to his alma mater, La Salle.