Mount Airy's Holly Robinson Peete has her eye on a role that could bring just a hint of Scandal to the Hallmark Channel.

Though For Peete's Sake, the OWN series in which Peete appears with her husband, onetime Eagles quarterback Rodney Peete, and their family, has been renewed for a second season,  the actress is also working on a couple of projects for Hallmark, she said Saturday at a party for the network's talent at Tournament House in Pasadena, Calif.

One in the early stages would, according to Hallmark,  star Peete as Ellen Logan, who, after 15 years working in crisis management, moves back to her Maryland hometown with her children and helps her sister run the family cafe. Naturally,  it won't be long before her career skills lead her to begin solving crimes.

The character would be loosely based on crisis manager Judy Smith, whose work also inspired Shonda Rhimes in the creation of Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington's character in ABC's Scandal. (Though Olivia is as likely to commit crimes as she is to solve them.)

Peete, accompanied  to the party by her mother, talent manager (and former KYW public relations director) Dolores Robinson, said she'd been embraced by Hallmark.

"I did a Hallmark movie [in 2015]  called Angel of Christmas. And I loved it and they were like, 'We want you to be in the family,' and I'm like, 'You got it.' One of the things I like the most is that they shoot a lot in Vancouver, British Columbia, which was where I started  with 21 Jump Street," she said.

"It's very nice to feel appreciated. It's very nice to be in a place where there's loyalty, and development of talent. They don't just work with you and discard you -- they work with you and say, 'What else can you do?'"