Caitlyn Jenner's book, The Secrets of My Life, is out, but the world's most famous trans woman still had one more secret, she complained to "Live with Kelly" host Kelly Ripa Tuesday morning.

"I have been around for 40 years, from the old Regis and Kathie Lee — Kathie Lee's [Gifford] the godmother to some of my children —and all this kind of stuff. I've watched your show for years, I've seen you go through all this stuff, and I've never been asked to cohost," Jenner said as the show returned from a commercial break.

The remark appeared to catch Ripa, who was cohosting Tuesday with actor John Leguizamo,  somewhat off-guard, but she responded gamely, throwing up her hands and saying, "Done, done," as Jenner turning to the audience for support, repeated, "I've never been asked to cohost."

(Point of etiquette: When invited on television to pitch one's book, complaints about not being the guest host, in front of the guest host, might be read as more tacky than playful.)

Ripa then did what Live hosts have done for years: She (and Jenner) blamed executive producer Michael Gelman.

"I don't think Gelman likes me," Jenner said.

"Gelman is a terrible person," Ripa said.

Even before her transition, Jenner said, "I'm thinking, when am I going to get the phone call? Now, I thought, all of a sudden, now the story gets a lot more interesting. Oh my God, girl, would we have a good time."

"We would have the best time," Ripa agreed.

"We would have so much to talk about," Jenner said.

"The right bottle of wine in Gelman's hand goes a long way. That's all I'm saying. He can be bought," Ripa suggested.

"Pinot noir. A nice pinot noir did it for me," said Leguizamo, after which Ripa deftly moved off the topic.

"Just before commercial break, we were talking about Kris [Jenner, Caitlyn's ex-wife] ..."