By about 2030, North Korea had already been occupying the United States for four years—Philadelphia included. But one Philly resident—our hero, Ethan Brady—has had enough, and now finds himself in the middle of a revolution. Such is the world of the newly announced Homefront: The Revolution.

Serving as a followup to 2011's original Homefront, Crytek's sequel is set squarely in Korea-occupied Philadelphia, with players controlling revolutionary Ethan Brady as he attempts to rid our city and country of the occupying forces that have created a brutal dystopia. After all, we were the seat of the original American Revolution, so setting Homefront here only makes sense.

The trailer, which came out today, pays particular attention to Philadelphia, with the skyline standing darkly in the background of an altercation between Brady and the Korean Peoples' Army. The Comcast tower, perhaps not surprisingly, dominates the background.

The city, however, is not the only Philly thing to look forward to, however. Us Philadelphians are part of the fun, too. As Polygon notes:

"The aftermath may still be successful, if you can evade it. The mob of occupied Philadelphia is supposed to respond to your Robin Hood escapades, and inspired or angered enough will harass, delay and obstruct the occupying force themselves." 

Sounds about right. But, given the state of Occupied Philadelphia, that participation seems pretty much required:

"There appeared to be few comforts in occupied Philadelphia, however. Daily life appears to be unemployment and angst, with the major career option being resistance fighter." 

And they've even played into the whole "city of neighborhoods" angle. But, you know, in a depressing, dystopian way:

"Philadelphia will be divided into districts of distinct themes and feels, Salim said. As the story progresses, more are unlocked, and the player may travel through any of them as he wishes. They'll be populated by mission givers to advance the main story or sideplots, but also will contain random NPCs who present things for the player to do."

Ultimately, Homefront appears to be the next game in a line of efforts that have featured not only human characters as a main feature, but the cities themselves— think inFAMOUS: Second Son's use of Seattle as a backdrop. Now, Philly has gotten in on the action.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until 2015 to play. By then, though, we may just be living it.