So you're stuck at home and the hurricane of the century isn't really going to get nasty until late tonight. You could keep watching the TV news coverage (yawn) or do something productive and positive with your day. Gizmo Guy has a few ideas.

Work that Netflix subscription: Today's a fine day to plow thorugh a full season of "24," "Freaks and  Geeks," the cool new(er) "Sherlock" series,  "Psych,"  "Porlandia" (the Fred Armisen/Carrie Brownstein cult comedy hit) or "Alfred Hiotchock Presents"  (in the news again with two movies.) Or you might rally round the tube with the family for classics like "Free Willy" (where the weather's warm and water inviting) or "The Wiz" (Diana Ross and Michael Jackson in another kind of paradise). If you're a music fan,  gotta  hop to sunny Jamaica with  the great documentary celebration of the reggae king (Bob) "Marley" also found on Netflix.

Stockpiling Satellite Content: Nab your TV content via satellite? You might experience some rain fade/lost signal problems in the heaviest waves of Hurricane Sandy's  deluge. So to not spoil the evening, download a movie or two to the DVR portion of your receiver now. That content will then remain accesible even if all hell breaks lose (so long as you don't lose power.)

 Upgrade your OS: Been putting off that install of Apple's iOS 6 for your tablet or phone - waiting for favorite apps to also be upgraded?  It's safe to presume you can now move freely about the cyber-planet.

Live in Microsoft world? The new Windows 8  operating system  boasting  both a traditional desk top interface and Metro (aka tile) style touch friendly UI launched last Friday and is ready to download here.  PC users running Windows 7, Vista and XP can upgrade to Windows 8  for $39.99 with a special  offer good through Jan 31. Microsoft hosts the official unveiling of Windows Phone 8 at a press event this afternoon at 1 p.m. (East Coast time.)

Storm Proof Your Mobile Phone: In prep for a possible power outtage, shut off all unnecessary, battery draining features on your mobile phone - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Location (GPS.) Also eliminate any apps running in the background. To do the latter with an iPhone, a fast double click of the home button brings up a bottom screen display of active apps. Press and hold one icon until all start wiggling. Now tap on the x's in the corners until all have disappeared. Don't worry - you haven't erased the apps, just closed them.

Winterize your heating system: Today's a fine day to clean or replace the filter in your forced air heating system and also replace the water-grabbing filter in a house humidifier. Don't forget to vacuum clean  the vent grills, too. An unobstructed, free flowing heating system saves moolah. And if tonight's super windy/chilly storm finally makes you  turn on the heat, you won't be hit with that usual blast of "dusty heat" smell.