South Philly-born go-getters Tony Trov and Johnny Zito will premiere their Philly-shot horror film, "Alpha Girls," tomorrow at the Trocadero Theatre, along with local horror short "Annuncio" by Geekadelphia's Dan Tabor.

"Alpha Girls" is about a dormant evil force that surfaces at a sorority. It was mostly shot at a frat house made up of Thomas Jefferson medical students, although their are some other Philly sites in the trailer alone (dig the Chinatown arch and Rodin's "Gates of Hell"). We wrote about Trov and Zito in July adding the film "features noted porn star Ron Jeremy as a priest. Trov and Zito had asked a lot of semi-famous people — wrestlers, Philly media personalities — to play the part and they all said no. Jeremy said yes. He was very professional, the duo said."

Along with "Alpha Girls," Trov and Zito make comics, including "D.O.G.S of Mars" and "LaMorte Sisters" that use Philly locations as inspiration for their art.

Watch Trov and Zito talk about their movie below

The Trocadero Theatre, 1003 Arch St., 8 p.m., tomorrow, $5,