Gina Gershon warned her mother that she may want to skip "Killer Joe," in which the actress has a few scenes sure to make any loved ones uncomfortable, but planned to bring ten friends to see her daughter in the dark, violent William Friedkin film which opens Friday.

Gershon was recently in town to promote the film in which she co-stars with Emile Hirsch, Thomas Haden Church, Juno Temple and Matthew McConaughey with whom she shared a difficult to shoot scene along with a fried chicken drumstick.

She plays a woman named Sharla who helps plot the murder of her husband's ex-wife for insurance money.

"These are toxic people, living in a toxic enviroment doing the best they know how and making bad decisions and having even worse outcomes," Gershon says of the family at the center of the film, written by Tracy Letts adapted from his 1993 play.

Not only does Gershon not object to on-screen nudity, as fans of "Bound" and "Showgirls" may recall, but her first appearance onscreen in "Killer Joe" is made while naked fromt he waist down.

On a completely unrelated note of course, Gershon's new book "In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind," is out Oct. 11. It is the story of her searching for her missing cat in Los Angeles. Why? What were you thinking?