Many of Wing Bowl 24's participants — like 2016 champ Molly Schuyler — are fierce competitive eaters. But only one was "eat a cactus at 7 a.m." fierce this year: YouTube Star the L.A. Beast, aka Kevin Strahle.

Strahle, a New Jersey native, is a competitive and novelty eater out of Santa Monica who has become known for crazy eating stunts like downing wooden pencils, or the infamous "Banana-Sprite challenge."

To get into Wing Bowl 24, Strahle downed 24 raw eggs with the shell on in just 4 minutes:

Beyond that, though, Strahle's made a mainstay of eating cacti on his hit YouTube channel, so fans may not be surprised by his stunt Friday morning at the Wells Fargo Center.

Either way, though, pretty much everyone else was:

Sadly, Strahle's cactus stunt didn't help very much with the wing eating competition itself. Despite putting up a valiant effort, he was disqualified at the conclusion of the first round due to vomiting — a violation of Wing Bowl's "if you heave, you leave" rule.

Strahle, for his part, said he was "disappointed" with going out over the vomit rule, as it seemed like a typical way to face disqualification. And, hey, if you were the guy known for downing various raw organ meats with relatively little trouble, you might be a little disappointed, too.

The crowd, however, didn't seem to see it that way exactly:

So, Beast, better luck next year — and maybe save the cactus eating for after the competition. You gotta make room somehow.