Brian Westbrook walked more or less normally from the back of a silver Lincoln TownCar to the back door of the Stone Grill in Clementon, N.J., for his weekly ESPN 950 AM radio show Monday evening. He didn't run, skip or jump, however, and his description of his injury -- "closer to being a high ankle sprain than anything else" -- made it seem very unlikely that Westbrook will play on Sunday when the Eagles visit the Chicago Bears, though Westbrook repeatedly vowed to do everything possible to be ready as quickly as possible.

"If I can run, then I'm going to be out there," Westbrook said. When cohost Brian Seltzer asked Westbrook what his "gut feeling" was about the injury, Westbrook said his gut feeling was that he was going to rehab as hard as he could.

After the show, when your Eagletarian asked Westbrook if he would say playing this week was likely, Westbrook ignored the question.

The bottom line Monday night looks like this: The bleaker scenarios -- surgery and casts and months on the sideline -- seem to have been avoided. But though the Eagles will spin this recovery as optimistically as possible, to try to keep the Bears guessing, it would be just short of a miracle, not to mention very possibly unwise in the long run, for Westbrook to play this week.

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