An intriguing footnote to the Eagles' hiring of defensive line coach Jim Washburn is his strong relationship with Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who desperately wants out of Washington.

Haynesworth's agent, Chad Speck, told the Daily News that he couldn't comment because Haynesworth is the property of the Redskins, who have not indicated they intend to trade or release him.

But there are strong indications Haynesworth, a two-time Pro Bowl player for the Titans but a laughingstock in Washington, would like to play for Washburn in Philadelphia.

Haynesworth signed a huge contract with the Redskins after two All-Pro seasons under Washburn.

"I owe Coach Wash pretty much everything. If my deal was $100 million or whatever, then Washburn deserves $90 million,'' Haynesworth told the Tennessean. "I have the talent, but he taught me how to let it loose. As a player, once you can get through the (colorful language), get down to the core of what he is saying, the information is more valuable than gold. He's a great coach, a great teacher. The Titans should have paid a lot of money to keep him from leaving.''

Haynesworth said he knows some of the Titans' young defensive lineman might be happy to see Washburn go, because of how tough he can be.

"I guarantee you some of them are saying to themselves, 'Gosh, I'm glad that (expletive) is gone.' Because I felt the same way when I was a young guy with him,'' he said. "My rookie year he was on my butt, cussing me out. I couldn't even look up and see sunshine, he was on me so much.''

Added Titans free agent defensive end Dave Ball:

"The 12 years he was here, he left a huge mark than no one will be able to duplicate. He had a crazy, intense passion for coaching d-line that I'd never seen before. He was extremely focused and passionate. He always told us he wanted to make us play faster than any d-line had ever played in history. His goals were so lofty, but he was extremely passionate about coaching. His intensity and passion will be missed."

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