Kathryn Knott thinks "jazz flute is for little fairy boys," #gay is #ew and whisky is awesome.

Knott, 24, and two other suspects in the Sept. 11, allegedly homophobia-fueled attack on two gay men near Rittenhouse Square turned themselves in to police this morning to face charges of aggravated and simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and criminal conspiracy.

In tweets on Knott's Twitter account posted in 2012 and 2013, Knott used homophobic hashtags like #dyke, whined about hangovers ("Open bar? Whiskey gingerss alllll nighttt longg") and posted other questionable sentiments, such as one complaining about her cab driver "shouting some jihad shit." A Twitter user named Scott Wooledge collected the tweets in a Storify here. ("Jazz flute is for little fairy boys" is a quote from the movie Anchorman.)

Knott is the daughter of Chalfont, Bucks County, Police Chief Karl Knott.

Police say Knott, Philip Williams, 24, and Kevin Harrigan, 26, all of Bucks County, attacked the victims, a gay couple that have been together for six years, on Chancellor Street near 16th. The victims told the Daily News that they were attacked by a group of about 12 twentysomethings, who spat homophobic slurs at them. Sources told the Daily News that some members of the group were alumni from Archbishop Wood High School in Warminster, Bucks County, who had dined at La Viola West, a nearby upscale eatery, prior to the encounter.

One victim suffered facial injuries that required him to have his jaw wired shut. The incident has sparked outrage nationally. Gays are not a protected class under Pennsylvania's hate-crimes law, an omission activists aim to change. A rally is planned at 2 p.m. tomorrow at LOVE Park to garner support for the couple and highlight the crusade to add sexual orientation to the state's hate-crimes law.

Knott's attorney Louis Busico denied that Knott was involved in the attack and said she is not homophobic.

"She absolutely maintains her innocence," Busico said. "At no point in time did she punch, kick or in any way strike those two gentlemen. She was merely present when this event occurred. This young woman is not homophobic and no matter how many times the media wants to place that label on her, it just doesn’t apply to her. The sexual orientation of anybody on that street was of no matter to this woman."

As for her social media posts, Busico said: "Anyone who has each and every statement, tweet, text, Instagram, sliced and diced and analyzed would be hard-pressed to defend every possible interpretation. It really is an unfair standard to hold any individual to. I don't know anybody who could have their correspondence survive the scrutiny of a million different groups. It would be mission impossible."

According to her Twitter feed, Knott has worked in a hospital emergency room, but Busico declined to say where she worked. Her feed also brims with complaints about unnamed patients and photos of patient X-rays and unusual injuries, including a photo of a patient's two dismembered fingers in a plastic bag.