My, how time flies when you're not waiting in a muggy drizzle for the latest hi-tech gadget.  Has it really been a year since then-Mayor Street set up his folding chair in an Center City alley near a Dumpster and waited through the rain in a line for 14 hours to buy an iPhone?  Street defended his high-profile alley adventure back then by saying he was using his Blackberry -- so 2007 -- to keep in touch with city officials on the issues of the day.  And he noted that he left the line for previous commitments, with his place being held by members of his security team. [Wait, is that better?]

So we have a new mayor and here comes the new and improved iPhone, going on on sale Friday evening.  Should we look up Center City's alleys as the weekend starts for Nutter, eagerly holding his place in line?

"You know, somehow I missed that," Nutter said today when asked about the new gadget coming out.  He has no plans to get an iPhone or wait in line. "I'm not an iPhone guy. I use a Blackberry. I usually go to the store, walk in and get one."