Joe Mammana, the urban egg farmer and self-styled crime fighter, was sentenced today to eight years in federal court for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and tax evasion.

U.S. District Justice Paul Diamond said he took into consideration Mammana's cooperation with federal investigators looking into City Councilman Jack Kelly's office.  You can read more about all that here.  Mammana had faced a prison term of seven and a half years to nine and a half years.  He has already served more than two years in custody.

Mammana, who was active in the Citizens Crime Commission, said he realized that tax evasion is not a victim-less crime.  "Greed and stupidity took control," Mammana said. "And that's a really bad combination. I hurt a lot of people."  As for the Crime Commission, Mammana added:  "I embarrassed it and I apologize to them."

Diamond rejected requests from Mammana's attorney to put less emphasis on his 20-year criminal history, which includes conviction for aggravated assault, theft, forgery and dealing steroids.  "I think your client has a horrendous criminal history," Diamond told Mammana's attorneys.