A super PAC backing Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is slamming Gov. Christie in two attack ads – one tarring the governor with a poor economic record and "scandals."

"Not what we need in the White House," concludes the narrator in the ad from Conservative Solutions PAC, after saying:  "Chris Christie. High taxes. Weak economy. Scandals."

The PAC's second ad frames Christie as out of sync with conservatives, citing his support for Common Core – a position Christie has renounced – and his decision to expand Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act.

"One high tax, Common Core, liberal energy loving, Obamacare Medicaid expanding President is enough," reads the ad – which opens with a picture of Christie and Obama.

The 30-second ads are slated to go on the air and online Tuesday in New Hampshire, according to a National Review piece. The piece quoted an unnamed source with the PAC, describing the ads as "a major part of an ongoing multi-million dollar buy in New Hampshire over the next couple of weeks."

In an interview Monday with Bloomberg Politics, Christie drew a contrast between the attacks and Rubio claiming the high road against former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in a recent GOP debate.

"I just wonder what happened to the Marco who so indignantly looked at Jeb Bush and said, 'I guess someone must have convinced you that going negative against me helps you,'" Christie said, in an excerpt released by his campaign. "I guess that same person now must have convinced Marco that going negative against Chris Christie is what he needs to do."

Christie also said "I stand by my record as governor of New Jersey – it's a good one," describing gains in private sector job growth and declines in unemployment.

And he continued to accuse Rubio of shirking his role as senator. "He's only got one job. He's got to cast votes in the United States Senate," said Christie, who asserts he's fulfilling his duties as governor despite campaigning out of state. "If he thinks that's a worthless job, which he has basically said before, he should resign it. If he doesn't, then he should show up and go and vote."

Christie has been gaining in New Hampshire polls, garnering 11 to 12 percent support in recent surveys and averaging fourth in the horse race. Rubio – seen as competing with Christie for Republican "establishment" support – has netted between 12 and 15 percent in recent polls in the first-in-the-nation primary state.

"Who are the other campaigns worried about? @ChrisChristie has been attacked by Trump, Jeb!, Kasich and now Rubio all in the last week​," Christie strategist Mike DuHaime Tweeted.