Anything is certainly possible, but it won't be surprising if Steve Wynn's stunning withdrawl from the  Foxwoods casino project rings the death knell for the long-controversial intention of building it along the South Philly waterfront.

That's because it's hard to figure why any gaming industry operation would swoop in on a project abandoned by the man who essentially invented the modern gambling business. Logically speaking, who in the world would think, "Well, Wynn doesn't believe he can be successful there, so it's a perfect opportunity for me?"

To put it another way: Would any software company invest in technolgy that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs publicly rejected? Of course not.

Perhaps its time for Harrisburg--which forced the unpopular, and potentially unworkable, site on the city in the first place--to suck it up, admit defeat and martial its resources to find a new, less-inflamatory, more appropriate location within the city limits.