Former Philadelphia Mayor  Michael Nutter Thursday endorsed Labor Secretary Tom Perez in the race for chair of the Democratic National Committee, joining a coalition of leaders in the governing wing of the party.

"The results of November’s election certainly reminded everyone in this city of just how important grassroots organizing on the ground is to our success as a party. There is no better organizer than Tom Perez," Nutter, former president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, said in a statement.

Nutter praised Perez's local government experience as a member of the Montgomery County (Md.) Council, and as the force behing teh growth of CASA de Maryland, an immigrant advocacy group.

"Tom’s proven record and ability to unite progressives from across our coalition is exactly what the Democratic Party needs right now to build our bench, strengthen our local parties, and ensure that Democrats have the resources needed to succeed at every level," Nutter said.

Former Trenton, N.J. Mayor Douglas Palmer - another former president of the national mayor's conference - also endorsed Perez. "It's time for our party to get back to listening and being engaged at the local level," he said.

And former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin added her endorsement to the Perez campaign.

The endorsements come on the heels of backing from several Democratic governors, including Pennsylvania's Tom Wolf.

Perez announced a proposal Wednesday for a cybersecurity office at the DNC, in reaction to the hacking of the party's computers during the campaign. He also wants a permanent office in the DNC to fight voter-suppression efforts.

Perez is running against Rep. Keith Ellison (D.,Minn.), a favorite of many of the progressive groups that backed Bernie Sanders for president last year, as well as Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire party, and others. The DNC will select its new chair in February.