Good news about my friend the former Daily News intern Jose Antonio Vargas:

Jose Antonio Vargas, the writer and activist who went public last year with his status as an undocumented immigrant, was arrested for a driving infraction in Minnesota on Friday, but federal immigration authorities did not detain him or take any other action, officials said Saturday.

Vargas, a former Washington Post reporter who revealed his status in The New York Times Magazine and touched off a debate in the journalistic community, was initially pulled over by a state trooper for driving while wearing head phones, Eric Roeske, public information officer for the Minnesota state patrol, told POLITICO.

"He did produce a Washington driver's license" after being pulled over, Roeske said. "When the trooper ran the license, it showed the status [of the license] was canceled. It also indicated there may have been fraudulent activity associated with the license. That's why [it might have been] canceled. That triggered the trooper to look into that further and contact ICE (U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement)."

Roeske, who had no details about the possible "fraudulent activity" regarding the license, said Vargas, who was in Minnesota for a speaking engagement that he ended up missing, "spoke to our captain that works with ICE, he had some conversations with Mr. Vargas." Roeske said he didn't "know what the nature of that conversation was."

I guess Jose must have said the secret word ("Swordfish"?) because he remains a free man here in the United States -- fighting for the rights of people like himself, who were brought here as children, to remain and be recognized as Americans.