An article in yesterday's Home & Design section incorrectly stated when the Dash Express would be available for sale. It will be available nationwide in the fall.

Because of incorrect information provided by the State House Chief Clerk's Office, a graphic in yesterday's Inquirer incorrectly stated the monthly cost of Rep. Chris King's state-leased vehicle. It is $290 a month.

An article in Thursday's Inquirer misidentified whose DNA was found on a tire iron that Christopher Kornberger used in an attack on a woman in Waterford Township. Investigators found the victim's DNA on the tire iron.

A childhood-vaccines chart that ran Thursday with a story about the new cervical-cancer vaccine contained two dosage errors. The polio vaccine includes four doses per child. The haemophilus influenza type b vaccine is three doses for Merck's brand and four doses for Sanofi Pasteur's.

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