Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re filling your day with candy and rom-coms or just waiting to take advantage of day-after sales, you may develop a sweet tooth from reporter Catherine Dunn’s look at how local chocolatiers hone their craft. If you can read it without craving a cocoa-covered something, you are have more strength than I do. In honor of the holiday, we’ve also got a peek at modern dating you won’t want to miss this morning, including why the meet-cute is no more.

— Aubrey Nagle (@aubsn, morningnewsletter@philly.com)

There’s probably no better day on the calendar to remember that making chocolate is an art. A very yummy art. To learn new tricks of the trade, chocolatiers know just where to go: a candy show put on by 101-year old Philly organization.

If you’re looking to buy the good stuff (for a special someone or just yourself) you’ll want to hit up some of the region’s specialty chocolate shops.

These days, though, Valentine’s Day is about more than chocolate and flowers — like dumpling tours and self-care parties.

The modern dating scene is likely in the palm of your hand: today’s singles scorn meeting in person in exchange for swiping on their phones. When they do look for love online, some are looking specifically for other leftists.

A downside to digital dating: too often (to the tune of $143 million last year) singles are scammed out of their money.

Is there hope in the real world? Apparently on Ninth Street and in Philly restaurants, you can find love the old fashioned way.

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to announce a plan to address the PFAS water contamination that has tainted drinking water and groundwater in communities nationwide.

The five-point plan will include looking at creating a drinking-water limit for the chemicals and adding the chemicals to a list of hazardous substances.

In our region, 70,000 residents in Bucks and Montgomery Counties were among the first in the nation to discover their drinking water had been contaminated for decades.

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